Springwood KIDS


At Springwood KIDS, we are passionate about guiding this generation of children to love Jesus. We do this together with families


0 to 4 years

With interactive Bible stories, crafts, snacks, and music, your little ones will begin their faith formation by knowing they are loved and special, and that God loves them!


4.5 years old, Prep, grade 1 and 2 at school

In this next phase of your child’s faith formation we explore how Jesus wants to be their best friend forever and what it means to share His love with others. With stories, music, craft, activities, show and tell, and object lessons, your child will have the best time!


Grade 3 to 6

With programs designed specifically for senior primary school-aged children in grades 3 to 6, your child will continue their faith formation by learning that God’s love for them is powerful, unending and never changing; and they will learn to be able to share this love with others. Your child will enjoy object lessons, challenges, songs, music and games as they explore these concepts together with their friends.


Grade 7 to 16 years old

Ignite is our Junior High program for kids in grades 7 to 16 years old.
Our student’s faith formation will continue as they explore how God is relevant and important in their everyday lives and how His love for them is unconditional. They will enjoy hang time with their friends, and small group discussions.

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Splat Playgroup meets each Wednesday 9:30—11:30am during school terms. Children from 0—prep enjoy a structured program with craft, gross motor activities, music, rhymes, group activities, story time and free play.

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